Unified commerce software

Are you looking to build your online sales in order to serve your local customers, or to develop your brand regionally or nationally? Do you want to create a modern buying experience, and offer this new service to your customers? Are you daunted by the number of software tools and the time it takes to manage a unified commerce platform?

Commerce unifié

Well-managed stocks to drive sales

Managing an online business takes as much energy as developing your brand or store.

You need to understand your customers’ expectations and identify the right products to sell – in the right quantities and at the right price.

Orisha Ginkoia’s unified commerce software provides you with a single platform to:

  • Manage your product catalogue, sizes, batches, colours, retail prices, etc.
  • Manage your stocks (store, network, e-commerce, warehouse) all in one place
  • Set low stock alerts
  • Get 360-degree insight into your online and in-store customers
  • Organise specific or common marketing operations
  • Build your presence on marketplaces
  • Analyse your performance – in-store, online and/or unified
Logiciel commerce unifié

Ginkoia, the unified commerce software for retailers

Orisha Ginkoia’s unified commerce software simplifies everyday tasks for your teams and yourself by providing a single platform for managing both your physical stores and your online business.

It gives you a complete overview of your stocks, your customers and your results, enabling you to build a unified business strategy and loyalty scheme spanning all your sales channels and offer your customers services that set you apart.

Orisha Ginkoia interfaces with all the e-commerce solutions on the market, such as Prestashop, Magento and Shopify.

Unified inventory management

Analyse your sales and upload the models to be put online in a single click. Keep tabs on stock levels on each sales channel.

Pricing policy

Run marketing operations at your physical and online store, either separately or across both.

360-degree customer knowledge

Get a complete overview of your customers’ activity, and run an integrated online and in-store loyalty scheme.

Performance analytics

A single platform to track your in-store and online business: turnover, margins, inventory, etc.

Digitise your repair service

Do your customers not always have time to call in at your store to book a bike repair? Are you looking to boost your repair shop turnover by enabling your customers to book repairs via your website? Optimise your technicians’ workload by offering slots online.

  • Simple and intuitive online booking
  • Bookings uploaded in real time to your workshop schedule software
  • Impossible to book a slot that is not available
  • A new channel to increase sales
  • A service that sets you apart, to keep your customers coming back

Online rental: take online bookings without manual data entry

Do you rent equipment and make your range available online via your brand’s website, your own website or other platforms such as Notresphere.com?

  • Take e-bookings without manual data entry via your rental software
  • Manage deposits and payments
  • Prepare the equipment before the customer arrives

Modules associated with the unified commerce software

The unified commerce software is compatible with all of Orisha Ginkoia’s sports store and brand management software modules. Read on and check out other modules that will boost your turnover, optimise your stock rotation and enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Procurement, stock and inventory management

Optimise stock rotation, manage outstanding deliveries, secure your inventory

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Cash register software

Cash register software for sports retail, combining sales, rental, repair shop, consignment and B2B trade - compliant with finance legislation

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Loyalty scheme

Gain insight into your customers’ buying journey, consolidate your customer data, build loyalty.

Multi-store management

To say YES to your customers, manage your inventory and analyse your performance across multiple stores

Mobile POS system

Increase average basket size and boost your conversion rate

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Sports brand and store managers share their experience with the workshop scheduling software

The product search function is also very convenient and efficient: I can find any item quickly along with an overview of information about it. Ginkoia’s tools give me the visibility I need to optimise my point of sale.

Jean François Delhomme, manager of a Courir store

"I am very satisfied with the performance of the Ginkoia software for my fashion store to this day, but also with my working relationship with the teams, in particular the sales team and other related departments."

M. Cointre, manager of 2 Timberland stores

“Ginkoia provides us with a reliable schedule management tool, which helps us be rigorous about finishing bike repairs in time for the arranged pick-up.”

F. Plotnikowa, Chairman of Bike center

"In order to learn how to use all the features of this software, I took around ten hours of remote training. This remote installation was a very positive experience. I was very satisfied by how skilled the trainers were, and by how accessible they made the experience. They went down to my level, they took the time to explain things to me, to re-explain if necessary, and to answer all of my questions. I have only positive things to say about this training course."

M. Danguin, Mondovelo store

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