Automating processes

Automating processes involves creating an uninterrupted digital chain all the way along your supply chain. What for ? To simplify and speed up exchanges while future-proofing the company, through the 360-degree, complete digitisation of your working tools.

Why is process automation essential for your brand ?

Any online business has to choose which processes to automate and which tasks to continue performing manually. How can you be sure that a digitised ecosystem ensures an unbroken supply chain between the brand, its network (product repository, orders, receipts, restocking) and its nationwide promotion and marketing strategy ?

Digitise the supply chain

Simplifying exchanges between your stores and your brand, reducing data entry tasks and focusing in-store resources on sales and customer support are key growth drivers.

Unify your business strategy

You are looking to propose a common pricing policy and oversee your network’s marketing operations, in order to bring consistency to the customer-brand relationship.

Analyse performance

Automating processes also involves rapid analyses of performance at each of your stores, to monitor stocks and sales more efficiently.

A connected supply chain

Tying in with this goal of optimising tasks across your network by automating processes, Orisha Ginkoia fosters a close connection between brand and distribution network. We provide support at all levels: product repository, optimised supply chain and stock management (procurement, goods receipts, restocking, etc.), loyalty and unified customer experience, and roll-out of distinctive services, such as a repair shop or equipment rental.

Valuable analytics tools

With a view to developing a high-calibre store network and guaranteeing a positive customer experience, your network is analysed daily via the tracking of performance alongside targets, competitive benchmarking, etc. The data analysed are used to make the network more efficient, build customer knowledge and develop the in-store range. With management simplified and optimised, you can make decisions more quickly.

The unified customer experience

Gain a 360-degree customer view and develop network-wide, on- and offline marketing operations, drawing on a set of advanced communication tools. Increase your footfall in-store, your average basket size and your turnover. Mobile sales assistants equipped with digital tools guide, advise and assist customers according to their needs, drawing on a brand range designed to appeal to them. Stock management – including aspects such as kerbside or in-store pick-up, and customers’ personal addresses – is simple and optimised.

Our solutions to automate your processes

From centralised management of product ranges, orders and supply chain to omnichannel shopping, read on and check out our responses to your process automation needs.

Consignment & second hand

Manage a three-way commercial relationship and track all of your operations.

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Supply chain & stock management

Automate and digitise your supply processes

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Loyalty and relations with brand customers

Offering the consumer a seamless experience

Unified commerce

Manage your business with a unified in-store and online platform

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In our customers’ own words

The product search function is also very convenient and efficient: I can find any item quickly along with an overview of information about it. Ginkoia’s tools give me the visibility I need to optimise my point of sale.

Jean François Delhomme, manager of a Courir store

"The repair shop module plays a key role in managing orders and ensuring a good quality of service for our customers; it keeps a record of the work and repair done on the bikes and helps us keep track of customer expectations."

Denis Kuster, manager of 6 Dvélos stores and the Dvélos e-commerce website

"We had advanced requirements in terms of management tools and a need for very detailed dashboards. The Ginkoia store management software provides us with a simple daily monitoring solution and extremely in-depth analytics."

Laure Thevenart, 6 Skiset ski rental stores

"I am very satisfied with the performance of the Ginkoia software for my fashion store to this day, but also with my working relationship with the teams, in particular the sales team and other related departments."

M. Cointre, manager of 2 Timberland stores

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