Manage your distribution network

Managing your distribution network with skill and agility will make it more attractive to new members. The services your brand provides are vital to developing your network. The key to managing your network efficiently? A brand with a product range, service range and image that are carefully honed and meet the needs of today’s e-consumer.

How do you manage your distribution network?

Managing a network involves offering your customers a common set of services. The aim is to pinpoint the keys to success for your brand and develop them so as to sustain growth and profitability across your store network.

Services & automation

Offer your network automated services and centralised information (product repository, orders, marketing operations, etc.) in order to boost the operational efficiency of each store.

Customer experience

Make a lasting impression on your customers and build their loyalty by offering them an omnichannel buying experience, a product range that is clear and easy to access, and value-added services within your distribution network.

Decision analysis

Drive lasting, profitable growth via a distribution network ensuring transparency of information on sales, margins, average basket sizes, conversion rate, inventory and turnover rate, etc.

Incisive analytics with no risk of error

Acquiring tools to analyse your business performance is a key to growth. Centralising and sharing business data provides a foundation for good practices throughout your store network, with processes that are robust and consistent with your strategy. Automated processes in conjunction with performance analytics ensure a seamless customer experience, upholding your brand image across your sales territory.

Omnichannel shopping at the heart of your network

A consumer is sure to be satisfied with his or her customer journey and experience whenever they are integrated into the distribution network’s management strategy. An omnichannel environment and the brand’s positioning are the outcome of a product range that is seamless, shared and pooled, for both the consumer and your sales teams. Back-office management is made as simple as possible, making the supply chain more flexible and efficient and optimising stock management.

Product repository and digitised features

Centralising information – especially on back-office tasks – substantially improves the operational efficiency of your stores. Setting up a shared product repository fosters a unified customer experience, with sales staff capable of meeting your customers’ needs in a matter of seconds using mobile apps. Digitising exchanges enables procurement and goods receipts to be automated, thus creating an ecosystem that has been streamlined as far as possible, with stores and brand interacting and collaborating completely seamlessly.

Common marketing and promotion operations

Your store needs to draw in your customers – whoever they are – all year round. This is why careful attention must be paid to creating promotional events that will appeal to your most loyal customers and prompt them to visit you more often. From average basket size to buying habits, your brand builds its reputation on the basis of its customers’ needs and expectations. Promotional events and operations must be tailored perfectly to your core audience. Accompanying these with innovative services such as mobile payment and equipment repairs or rentals can also strengthen customer loyalty.

Our solutions to manage your distribution network

From centralised management of product ranges, orders and supply chain to omnichannel shopping, read on and check out our solutions to manage your distribution network.

Centralised product repository

A centralised tool to manage your range and meet all the challenges of omnichannel sales.

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Supply chain & stock management

Automate and digitise your supply processes

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Loyalty and relations with brand customers

Offering the consumer a seamless experience

Unified commerce

Manage your business with a unified in-store and online platform

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Mobile POS system

Increase average basket size and boost your conversion rate

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Cash register software

Cash register software for sports retail, combining sales, rental, repair shop, consignment and B2B trade - compliant with finance legislation

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Procurement, stock and inventory management

Optimise stock rotation, manage outstanding deliveries, secure your inventory

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In our customers’ own words

"Our group has around ten stores, so we often need to transfer stock from one point of sale to another. This can be complex, because our group is composed of several legal entities and because we need to calculate the average prices of products for each entity. We can now do this using the Ginkoia tool.

Y. Morat, director of the Frasteya group

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