Specialist software: the best way to keep ski rental customers satisfied

Ski rental brands and stores are adopting mobile apps and going digital. This seasonal business is evolving in response to changing consumer habits, including an increasing tendency to book equipment online and at the last minute. As well as being innovative and reliable, Orisha Ginkoia’s ski rental management software is the only one on the market that offers mobile solutions and is only billed during the months your business is open.

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Your challenges are satisfaction, efficiency and digitisation

Most of today’s skiers are e-consumers and book their equipment online before their holiday, since they want to spend as little time as possible in-store.

They are also looking for more services and personal advice on ways to improve their technique or new activities to try out.

Ski technicians must be capable of providing highly specialised expertise, efficiently meeting the customer’s needs, and accurately logging each item rented out.

The customers lining up at stores in mountain resorts have diverse needs. From the VIP requiring delivery at their hotel using a mobile app to the customer expecting to be served in-store at the time they specified using their smartphone while on the way, or the one who pre-booked equipment just now via a terminal or smartphone, there are many different journeys through a ski rental store. Not forgetting the need to optimise the utilisation rate for the equipment you rent out, which is vital to maintain profitability.

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Ginkoia, the ski rental management software to reduce in-store waiting times

Your store management system is your key lever for action.

We offer a number of ways to address this source of dissatisfaction, drawing on mobile solutions for ski technicians. These free up your teams to focus on helping customers make the most of their skiing holidays.

  • A fun mobile app for ski technicians, that handles the rental voucher from A to Z.
  • Customer account created without the need to key in data manually
  • Online bookings processed automatically
  • A pre-booking service via a terminal or the skier’s smartphone
  • Ability to track deliveries to chalets, hotels, etc.
  • Sales and rental activities managed using a single store management system

Reduce waiting times

With innovative solutions for your seasonal staff, that are fun and easy to use

Optimise outgoing inventory

Optimise the number of items you can rent out, to make your business more profitable.

Digitise the rental process

Offer your customers an easy, seamless on- and offline journey and secure their loyalty

Understand in order to decide

Tools to help you understand your performance and make the right decisions for the next season

Features tailored to ski rental stores

Orisha Ginkoia’s solutions are geared to the requirements of ski rental stores and brands. Read on and check out the features available to boost your turnover, optimise your equipment utilisation rate and increase customer satisfaction.

Sports equipment rental

Optimise the equipment utilisation rate, manage depreciation, prepare the next season

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Skiman & mobile technician

Reduce customers’ in-store waiting times, adapt the customer journey, give advice

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Cash register software

Cash register software for sports retail, combining sales, rental, repair shop, consignment and B2B trade - compliant with finance legislation

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Bike or ski repair shop

Manage shop schedules and quotes, attract and retain new business

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Decision analysis and statistics

Tools to support operational and strategic decision-making, real-time data, simple & visual

Unified commerce

Manage your business with a unified in-store and online platform

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360-degree software to manage your business

Tracking your reservations, managing your inventory and prices, handling relations with tour operators, keeping tabs on items rented out and monitoring your results (turnover, status of rental items, utilisation rate) all form part of your everyday tasks.

Orisha Ginkoia started out with the ski rental trade, and is used every day by more than 400 ski rental businesses. Driving customer satisfaction is our promise. Our teams know all about the problem of footfall peaking over six weekends of the year, and our services are designed to meet this challenge.

  • A single solution for all store activities
  • Mobile app for ski technicians
  • Support with the digitisation of your business
  • Easy to install and use
  • Billed for the months your business is open
  • Customer helpline open 7 days a week

Develop your ski rental brand with Orisha | Ginkoia

For ski rental brands, innovation through service delivery lies at the heart of their short-term strategies.

Our consultants will help you implement these services with a range of open, reliable, distinctive solutions.

Rolling out ski rental management software tailored to your needs will enable you to:

  • Drive lasting, sustainable growth across your network
  • Successfully digitise the customer journey across your brand
  • Innovate to make your brand stand out
  • Deliver services across your network to improve your operational efficiency
  • Provide your teams with solutions that are easy to grasp


"My skimans have been using the Mobilité Location Ginkoia app since the beginning of the season, and it has already become a great asset in our day-to-day work."

Annick Kretchmann, manager of a Skimium rental store

"Ginkoia is my everyday tool. It grants me a clear, real-time vision of the stocks across my shops, and it's a relevant and reliable source of information.

Julien Flammier, manager of 2 Intersport stores, 1 Terre de Montagne store and 2 independent stores

"Our multi-site network really comes into its own thanks to Ginkoia. A customer can rent skis in Chamonix, exchange them in Argentière and return them in Vallorcine in the span of one day, all thanks to the information being available in real time. It’s a real plus for our customers.

D. Chomarat and J. Keightley, Sanglard Sports group

Terre de haut

"We had advanced requirements in terms of management tools and a need for very detailed dashboards. The Ginkoia store management software provides us with a simple daily monitoring solution and extremely in-depth analytics."

Laure Thevenart, 6 Skiset ski rental stores

"The Mobility app is very user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone can learn how to use it in just about 30 minutes! […] Our service is fast and can keep up when our customers are in a rush!"

Arnaud Olivier, manager of a Sport 2000 Montagne store


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