Our teams at your service

We have been dedicated to sharing our business culture with you since 1989. Which is why we are developing specific expertise within our teams tailored to retail and rental. In addition to having the agility to listen and respond quickly to our users’ everyday needs, commitment is the key to an efficient customer service in the long run.

Keeping you satisfied drives us to improve our services.

Our teams are on hand from the very beginning of your project right through to completion, and even beyond. From technical troubleshooting to advising you on how your organisation can benefit from our solutions, they are there to support you every day.

Installation and roll-out

Feel free to contact our technical team for any questions that arise while you are installing and configuring your computer hardware.


Whether to get to grips with the basics or to learn about the advanced features of Ginkoia’s store management software, our consultant trainers will provide you with remote or in-store training according to your needs.

Assistance and supervision

Orisha Ginkoia’s customer support department is on hand to meet all your hardware and software assistance needs, and is capable of intervening remotely.

Business culture is part of our DNA.

We have supported thousands of retail and rental businesses over more than three decades.

Orisha Ginkoia has forged a genuine business culture that goes far beyond merely running a business. Most of the people in our customer teams have a background in retail.

So they draw on a wealth of specialist expertise and a resolute customer focus to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions to meet your diverse range of needs.

We are open when you are!

To ensure a rapid, efficient and professional response, Orisha Ginkoia’s support team is available:

  • 7 days a week in the winter season (December to April)
  • 6 days a week in the summer season
  • 08:30 to 19:00 non-stop from Monday to Friday
  • 09:00 to 18:00 non-stop at the weekend


Orisha Ginkoia’s customer support team can be contacted via several channels:

  • +33 (0)450 538 754
  • e-support(at)ginkoia.fr
  • www.ginkoia.fr/support

Pertinent business support!

Orisha Ginkoia is Qualiopi certified (training actions category) and a Datadock-accredited training body


The training courses we deliver to French companies can hence be financed by their “organisme collecteur” (organisation that collects the statutory training tax).

Our team of trainers will help you start using the Orisha Ginkoia store management software, either on-site or remotely. They meet and build relationships with businesses in this unique field of activity on a daily basis. They will help you organise your business using our solutions and maximise your products’ potential.

Guaranteeing you more time for your customers and higher turnover!


Close contact and exchanges: the keys to success for your project

Because our focus is always on people, building close and trusting relationships with our customers is our daily goal.

The thirty or so members of our customer team are hence on hand to advise and assist you and propose solutions tailored to your needs.

Let’s meet for a chat!

France-based support services

Our support centre is in-house and our team is based in Passy in Haute-Savoie, in the Alps of south-eastern France.

Retail is part of our DNA

With experience stretching back over more than three decades, Ginkoia is now the leader in its field on the French retail market.

Why choose Orisha | Ginkoia ?

Our teams will support you at each stage of your project. Their priority is to deliver a top-quality service and ensure that you are fully satisfied with Ginkoia’s store management software.

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85% customer satisfaction

85% of our customers say they are satisfied with the support they receive from Ginkoia. Source: customer survey.

A background in retail

Here at Ginkoia, most of our staff members have a background in retail - a guarantee of services closely attuned to your needs.

"In order to learn how to use all the features of this software, I took around ten hours of remote training. This remote installation was a very positive experience. I was very satisfied by how skilled the trainers were, and by how accessible they made the experience. They went down to my level, they took the time to explain things to me, to re-explain if necessary, and to answer all of my questions. I have only positive things to say about this training course."

M. Danguin, Mondovelo store