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100% des Marques

100% des Marques is a retail brand specialising in clothing and footwear as well as a full range of essential sports accessories.

+2 Foot

+2 Foot is a retail brand specialising in the merchandise of major French and European football clubs.

Black store

A new addition to the INTERSPORT Group, Blackstore is a French multi-brand retailer specialising in urban fashion, ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories.


BO BICLOU is a brand specialising in electric bike equipment sales, rental and repair shops.


Chullanka is a French retail brand specialising in clothing and equipment for outdoor sports: hiking, cycling, climbing, canyoning, trail/running, etc.

Columbia Sportswear Company

The Columbia Sportswear Company manufactures and distributes outerwear and sportswear including ski clothing, hiking boots and trail running shoes.


Dvélos is a chain of six stores in the Savoie, Haute Savoie, Ain and Alsace departments of south-eastern and eastern France. It specialises in the sale of bicycles and cycling equipment (spare parts and accessories).


Ekosport is the European specialist and leading on-line retailer of board sports and outdoor gear. In addition to its e-commerce site it operates a number of sales outlets in Savoie and Haute-Savoie in south-eastern France.

Espace Montagne

Espace Montagne is a Sport 2000 Group brand specialising in equipment for hiking, skiing, climbing, mountaineering and all other mountain sports.

Go Sport

The GO Sport group is a French company specialising in sports goods retail.

Go Sport Montagne

GO Sport Montagne is a French brand in the GO Sport group specialising in sports goods retail. It is also the group’s ski rental brand.


Intersport specialises in the sale of sports equipment, clothing, footwear, accessories and the related services, with a dense network of outlets in France and Belgium.

La Halle au Sport

La Halle au Sport is a discount retail brand. It proposes major brand products (footwear and clothing) at reduced prices all year round.


Mondovélo is a network of stores belonging to the Sport 2000 Group, specialising in bicycle and cycling equipment sales.


Netski is the latest brand launched by the Skiset group. It is positioning itself with an online approach aiming to simplify ski rental.


Odlo Sports Group AG is a Swiss sports equpment company based in Hünenberg. It sells men’s and women’s clothing for a range of outdoor activities.

People's paradise

People's Paradise is a chain of four stores selling major brand fashion goods.

Pro Sport

Pro Sport belongs to the Sport 2000 Group.


Quiksilver is a Quiksilver and Na Pali group brand. It proposes a range of clothing and accessories for surfing and snowboarding.


An INTERSPORT Group brand, Shooz retails sports and fashion footwear and accessories (baseball caps, bags, clothing) in three categories: fashion, street, and classic.


A Decathlon partner, Skimium specialises in the rental of skis, boots and other ski equipment.


Skiset is a ski and snowboard equipment rental brand.

Sport 2000

Sport 2000 is a chain of small, mid-size and large multi-sport and fashion retailers operating in town-centre and out-of-town locations.

Sport Leader

An INTERSPORT Group discount brand specialising in the sport & fashion segment. It sells the major sports brands through its network of stores averaging 900 m² in surface area.


Superstore is a retail chain specialising in the latest French and international clothing brands for men, women and children.


Timberland is a manufacturer and retailer of boots, shoes, clothing and accessories.


Twinner is a GO Sport Group retail brand specialising in clothing and equipment for sports and leisure activities (mountaineering, hiking, trail, running, swimming) and ski rental.


The “Union Nationale des Centres Sportifs de Plein Air” (National Union of Outdoor Sport Centres - UCPA) is a French non-profit founded in 1965 to promote outdoor sports activities for young people. It has three main goals, corresponding to three main areas of operation: sports holidays, recreational sports outreach as an outsourced public service, and vocational training for careers in sport.


Veloland is a network of nearly 90 stores across France with repair shops for bicycles of all types.

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