Consignment & second-hand sales software

Are you running second-sales at your store or looking to develop a consignment business? Ginkoia offers the security you need to go about it and manage a three-way commercial relationship (consignor, consignee, end customer), by providing traceability for the operations.

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Consignment, a strong trend

Buying second-hand is a major social trend as consumers turn to more sustainable products, and the market is set to surge.

More and more people and businesses are becoming consignors, in response to growing demand for pre-loved items. Building trust with your consignors by guaranteeing complete traceability and developing your relationship with your customers are two key factors.

With Ginkoia’s consignment software:

  • Management of consignor/consignee/end customer relations
  • Consignment agreement: period, prices, commission, sliding scale, etc.
  • Consignment inventory and visual overview of the status of each item
  • Labels for products added to stock
  • Consignment inventory kept separate from store inventory
  • Customers kept informed by text message; existing customer accounts used
  • Analytics: turnover, margin, selling times, seasonal factors, etc.
  • Legal obligations: police book, ID card number
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Traceability is a vital part of your operations, and Ginkoia provides it.

Ginkoia’s consignment software gives you complete peace of mind to go about running your business, whether it is your core activity or merely a service you offer.

A well-organised consignment store will earn the trust of your consignors. But stock management, payment and loyalty building are your key concerns – as they are for any retailer – in seeking to keep your end customers satisfied.

Ginkoia allows you to focus on growing your business to attract new consignors and sell the items they entrust to you at the best possible price. The consignment agreement sets out all your commitments alongside those of the consignor in a clear and precise manner, preventing any risk of a dispute.

With Ginkoia’s consignment software your activity is managed and tracked.

Consignment agreement

This defines the consignment period, the price, the commission and the sliding scale to be applied over the period. Inventories are kept separate.

Communication with the customer

When a sale is made, the consignor is automatically informed by text message and his or her customer account is credited.

Legal compliance

Ginkoia’s consignment software enables you to set up a police book, and meets all legal obligations relating to verifying the depositor’s identify.

Performance analytics

Track the performance of your business with the consignment software: turnover, margins, selling times, seasonal factors, etc.

Modules associated with the consignment software

The consignment software is compatible with all of Ginkoia’s sports store and brand management software modules. Read on and check out other modules that will boost your turnover, optimise your stock rotation and enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers.

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Unified commerce

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Second-hand store managers share their experience with the consignment software

"Thanks to Ginkoia I can now organise my consignment business with peace of mind, manage my stocks easily and benefit from effective analytics tools that simplify the management of my purchasing budget.”

Anthony Dejour, co-manager of a consignment store

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