Bike, sports & water sports equipment rental software

Renting sports equipment, bikes and water sports equipment is the newest challenge for companies. Every equipment has its own history, from its leasing management to its return, and understanding that is necessary to optimise customer experience. Orisha Ginkoia renders possible what previously wasn’t by proposing a unique solution: a bike, sports equipment and water sports equipment rental software.

Location sports d'eaux

Bike and water sports equipment rental specialist

From electric bikes making the mountains more accessible for everyone to the growth in family leisure activities by the seaside, bike rental is becoming increasingly structured, not just in tourist areas but also in towns and cities, spurred by the development of non-motorised transport.

E-consumers of leisure activities book in-store or online, for a time slot of a few hours. Contrary to ski rental, in the case of bike rental precise inventory tracking is vital to guarantee that customers’ chosen products are available. An additional challenge is posed by the booking schedule, which must be accessible online and shared with the entire team in-store.

Location vélos et sports d'eaux

Orisha | Ginkoia, a 360-degree bike, sports & water sports equipment rental software

The insertion of digitalisation into shops and brands is a vector of growth.

The detailed monitoring solution for orders and ongoing reparations that comes with it allows for a stress-free workshop. The consumers benefit from an online personalised follow-through of their bikes, with a connected workshop in their pocket. Appointment booking is made easier, leading to a more rewarding client experience, and an impeccable follow-through of equipment is made possible through automated maintenance software. Managing your facilities and shops has never been easier, and the only thing left for you is to focus on your core business.

Sports specialist

Supporting the entirety of sports business: selling, renting, workshop, consignment, trading

Brands & shops

Supporting independent shops just as well as networks of points of sale or brands


Equip your teams with solutions enabling them to answer positively to your customers’ needs: omnichannel commerce, vendor tablet

Management & decision-making

Keep a clear vision on your performances for future operational or strategic decisions

Features adapted to bike and water sports rental shops

Orisha | Ginkoia’s solutions are geared to the requirements of sports stores and brands. Read on and check out the features available to boost your turnover, optimise your stock rotation and improve the relationship between your brand or business and your customers.

Sports equipment rental

Optimise the equipment utilisation rate, manage depreciation, prepare the next season

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Cash register software

Cash register software for sports retail, combining sales, rental, repair shop, consignment and B2B trade - compliant with finance legislation

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Skiman & mobile technician

Reduce customers’ in-store waiting times, adapt the customer journey, give advice

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Loyalty scheme

Gain insight into your customers’ buying journey, consolidate your customer data, build loyalty.

Decision analysis and statistics

Tools to support operational and strategic decision-making, real-time data, simple & visual

Unified commerce

Manage your business with a unified in-store and online platform

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Bike or ski repair shop

Manage shop schedules and quotes, attract and retain new business

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Multi-store management

To say YES to your customers, manage your inventory and analyse your performance across multiple stores

A fully automated rental park

Everything is fully automated, from the history of your products to rental vouchers, thus consolidating the management of your shops.

Monitor your rental park with our global and comprehensive bike, sports and water sports equipment rental software. Your software keeps records, orders the parts needed, manages returns and centralises at all times all the information needed on available equipment and equipment that needs to be prepared for rent. The software includes:

  • Operational maintenance across all of your shops
  • Optimisation and comprehensive monitoring of your business operations
  • Management of your rental parc, no matter the size
  • Clear and fast communication with your customers
  • Overall management of all your shops that helps speeding up your decision-making process for a growing profitability each year

Equipment availability free of logistical errors

Your equipment is organised ahead of time thanks to your bike, sports and water sports rental software. A simple glance is enough to monitor it every day, allowing you to get rid easily of the more menial task – yet still essential to the management of your shop – leaving you with time to ensure the customer journey and experience is up to your standards.

Preparation and customer reception depend on a rigorous control of the equipment made available to them. By adopting a single solution to handle your network activity, you will develop a fully automated management of your rental parc. Monitoring it is easy, which ensures the future of your bike shop. A bike, sports, and water sports rental software offers you :

  • A global management of your equipment
  • A fully personalised tool for your activities
  • A workshop management tailored for a seamless customer follow-up and experience
  • A fully automated management of your equipment, allowing you to focus on your business core
  • The implementation of a new digital strategy for a better supplier relationship

"Ginkoia’s valuable expertise in our profession has been essential to our growth, because our business must be quantified with numbers and not just feelings."

Philippe Gozzi, manager of 4 Sport 2000 stores

The product search function is also very convenient and efficient: I can find any item quickly along with an overview of information about it. Ginkoia’s tools give me the visibility I need to optimise my point of sale.

Jean François Delhomme, manager of a Courir store

"The repair shop module plays a key role in managing orders and ensuring a good quality of service for our customers; it keeps a record of the work and repair done on the bikes and helps us keep track of customer expectations."

Denis Kuster, manager of 6 Dvélos stores and the Dvélos e-commerce website

"Ginkoia is my everyday tool. It grants me a clear, real-time vision of the stocks across my shops, and it's a relevant and reliable source of information.

Julien Flammier, manager of 2 Intersport stores, 1 Terre de Montagne store and 2 independent stores

"Our multi-site network really comes into its own thanks to Ginkoia. A customer can rent skis in Chamonix, exchange them in Argentière and return them in Vallorcine in the span of one day, all thanks to the information being available in real time. It’s a real plus for our customers.

D. Chomarat and J. Keightley, Sanglard Sports group


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