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For you as a sports equipment renter, knowing your customers is essential to building an inventory that will generate profits for your business.

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Optimise your equipment utilisation rate

Having the right equipment to meet all your customers’ needs is your goal for each season.

And this means knowing their expectations. Analyse your business to find out which equipment types were rented out the most, what you were short of this season, and which categories were most in demand.

Ginkoia’s rental software contains all the tools you need to meet your customers’ expectations.

  • Rental voucher processing: equipment checked out, checked in and exchanged
  • Online booking and pre-booking
  • Tracking of equipment currently in the field and due to go out
  • Customer communications
  • Management of equipment rental prices
  • Sliding scale, depreciation, purchase, resale and transfer of equipment
  • Grouped invoicing for tour operators
  • DIN calculator for ski bindings
  • PPE management

Ginkoia, the rental software to reduce in-store waiting times

Ginkoia’s rental software will help you keep your customers even more satisfied.

Our solutions free up your teams to focus on your customers and reduce waiting times during peak periods. Offer a unique customer service and sharpen your competitive edge.

Digitise the customer journey

Automate processing of online bookings and offer pre-booking.

Rental vouchers

Manage equipment to be checked out, checked in and exchanged with our range of mobile customer care solutions.

Optimise your rental inventory

Make sure you have the right equipment to maximise your utilisation rate and boost your profitability.

Performance analytics

Know your customers, track equipment currently in the field and due to go out, prepare procurement.

Digitise your rental business

Two models exist side-by-side in the equipment rental field: businesses whose customers come from bookings made online, and those working with customers who rent by the day, with larger numbers of last-minute bookings.

In the latter case, pre-booking enables your customers to log their rental needs via a terminal or their smartphone directly at their holiday destination.

  • Online bookings without manual data entry
  • Bookings uploaded in real time to your rental software
  • One-off bookings, and rentals by the day, half-day or hour
  • Mobile in-store solutions to complete the customer journey
  • An important sales channel to grow your rental business

Optimise your rental inventory

Having the right equipment doesn’t mean doing things the same way as your neighbour. Understand your customers’ expectations by analysing your business over previous seasons.

  • Equipment rented out the most during the season
  • Comparisons between seasons
  • Management of prices and special offers
  • Improve your customer knowledge

Modules associated with the rental software

The rental software is compatible with all of Ginkoia’s sports store and brand management software modules. Read on and check out other modules that will boost your turnover, optimise your stock rotation and enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Skiman & mobile technician

Reduce customers’ in-store waiting times, adapt the customer journey, give advice

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Procurement, stock and inventory management

Optimise stock rotation, manage outstanding deliveries, secure your inventory

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Decision analysis and statistics

Tools to support operational and strategic decision-making, real-time data, simple & visual

Multi-store management

To say YES to your customers, manage your inventory and analyse your performance across multiple stores

Unified commerce

Manage your business with a unified in-store and online platform

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Cash register software

Cash register software for sports retail, combining sales, rental, repair shop, consignment and B2B trade - compliant with finance legislation

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Sports brand and store managers share their experience with the Ginkoia ski, bike and water sports equipment rental software

"We asked users of our Ginkoia software what they thought of it during the 2019 Sport Achat Hiver trade fair. Since our customers are the best advocates for the solution they use in their stores, here is a video testimonial directly from them!"

Sport Achat 2019 trade fair

"We had advanced requirements in terms of management tools and a need for very detailed dashboards. The Ginkoia store management software provides us with a simple daily monitoring solution and extremely in-depth analytics."

Laure Thevenart, 6 Skiset ski rental stores

"We need quick answers and Ginkoia clearly puts in the effort to meet this need."

Eric Laboureix - elpro - skimium

"My skimans have been using the Mobilité Location Ginkoia app since the beginning of the season, and it has already become a great asset in our day-to-day work."

Annick Kretchmann, manager of a Skimium rental store

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