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Our customers have their say ! Because here at Orisha Ginkoia your satisfaction is also our job, find all our customers testimonials about our solutions on this page.

"The Ginkoia software is an incredibly powerful tool for the management of a group of stores. Over 2000 articles change places every month in our system, and the software helps us obtain a better output rate, a higher turnover rate and thus a better profitability."

Fabrice Montegre gérant de 3 magasins Sport 2000 et d'une activité sports collectifs

“One function of the Ginkoia workshop schedule software that I use a lot is the customer management tool. I know what the customer purchased in-store, how many times they have been in, if their bike has been through the workshop, or if I have changed any parts. It’s very convenient.”

Alexis Lefebvre, Alex’trem store in La Roche sur Foron

Terre de haut

"We had advanced requirements in terms of management tools and a need for very detailed dashboards. The Ginkoia store management software provides us with a simple daily monitoring solution and extremely in-depth analytics."

Laure Thevenart, 6 Skiset ski rental stores

"A considerable amount of class trips come to our shop during the month of January, resulting in an influx of between 200 and 250 highschoolers per week, which leads to between 600 and 650 rental returns to process within a 45-minute timeframe.”

Emmanuel Thierriaz manager of the Skifiz Sport store in Passy Plaine Joux

"The Mobility app allows us to check immediately whether the size requested by the customer is available or not, and if not to suggest them another product."

Pierre Lachaume, manager of 5 Sport 2000 stores

"We need quick answers and Ginkoia clearly puts in the effort to meet this need."

Eric Laboureix - elpro - skimium

"In order to learn how to use all the features of this software, I took around ten hours of remote training. This remote installation was a very positive experience. I was very satisfied by how skilled the trainers were, and by how accessible they made the experience. They went down to my level, they took the time to explain things to me, to re-explain if necessary, and to answer all of my questions. I have only positive things to say about this training course."

M. Danguin, Mondovelo store

"I am very satisfied with the performance of the Ginkoia software for my fashion store to this day, but also with my working relationship with the teams, in particular the sales team and other related departments."

M. Cointre, manager of 2 Timberland stores

"The Mobility app is very user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone can learn how to use it in just about 30 minutes! […] Our service is fast and can keep up when our customers are in a rush!"

Arnaud Olivier, manager of a Sport 2000 Montagne store

"Our multi-site network really comes into its own thanks to Ginkoia. A customer can rent skis in Chamonix, exchange them in Argentière and return them in Vallorcine in the span of one day, all thanks to the information being available in real time. It’s a real plus for our customers.

D. Chomarat and J. Keightley, Sanglard Sports group

“Ginkoia provides us with a reliable schedule management tool, which helps us be rigorous about finishing bike repairs in time for the arranged pick-up.”

F. Plotnikowa, Chairman of Bike center

"Our group has around ten stores, so we often need to transfer stock from one point of sale to another. This can be complex, because our group is composed of several legal entities and because we need to calculate the average prices of products for each entity. We can now do this using the Ginkoia tool.

Y. Morat, director of the Frasteya group

“We tested several technics in the past to find out if a size was available without going back and forth to the storeroom, but these were often neither modern nor truly reliable. Now that we have the mobile app, our sales staff can scan the article and find out directly from the app what sizes and colours we have in stock.”

P. Boimard, manager of a Sport 2000 store


"Thanks to Ginkoia I can now organise my consignment business with peace of mind, manage my stocks easily and benefit from effective analytics tools that simplify the management of my purchasing budget.”

Anthony Dejour, co-manager of a consignment store

"We asked users of our Ginkoia software what they thought of it during the 2019 Sport Achat Hiver trade fair. Since our customers are the best advocates for the solution they use in their stores, here is a video testimonial directly from them!"

Sport Achat 2019 trade fair

"We were also impressed by the quality of the training delivered by Ginkoia consultants. The person who assisted us was perfectly qualified to support us during this key transition, answered all of our questions, helped us transpose our working practices into the Ginkoia solution, and made themselves available whenever we needed them."

Patrick Ellena, 1 Sport 2000 store

“My skimans have been using the Mobilité Location Ginkoia app since the beginning of the season, and it has already become a great asset in our day-to-day work. We no longer need to process returned equipment at the checkout counter. Instead, we make sure on the mobile app that the client has returned all the rented equipment and check whether there is any remaining amount to be paid. We were able to manage returns much faster than usual on busy school holidays days! We got started on Ginkoia without problems thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface.”

Annick Kretchmann, manager of a Skimium rental store

“Ginkoia and I have had a long love story for the last 13 years. Ginkoia’s valuable expertise in our profession has been essential to our growth, because our business must be quantified with numbers and not just feelings. Ginkoia provides an easy access to information and an ease of working that is essential for our business, so it’s a perfect match for our needs.”

Philippe Gozzi, manager of 4 Sport 2000 stores

“I have been working with Ginkoia right from the outset (1989). Ginkoia is completely tailored to our profession and the way we want to manage our business, as is evidenced by its presence in every ownership and cooperative structures. It is certainly the best suited tool when it comes to points of sales and groups of stores.”

Marc Mésière, manager of 2 Twinner stores and Chairman of Twinner France

“Ginkoia is my everyday tool. It grants me a clear, real-time vision of the stocks across my shops, and it is a relevant and reliable source of information. I use the statistics it provides to manage my purchasing from anywhere – in store, via group purchasing and from home. Ginkoia helps me manage my points-of-sale efficiently and without worries. The marketing tools are of great help to cultivate customer loyalty, in particular by sending out targeted, specific communications on a regular basis. Ginkoia enables us to analyse figures from previous years per brand, collection, etc. So we know exactly what our bestsellers are.”

Julien Flammier, manager of 2 Intersport stores, 1 Terre de Montagne store and 2 independent stores

“This is a highly efficient tool for managing a single store or a group of stores like ours. Ginkoia provides us with tracking tools and a clear, daily vision on our business, which means I can stay close to my businesses without being there in person all the time. The repair shop module plays a key role in managing orders and ensuring a good quality of service for our customers; it keeps a record of the work and repair done on the bikes and helps us keep track of customer expectations. These features bring us closer to our customers and facilitate communication with them, so I would say that Ginkoia is indeed attuned to the needs of our skilled trade and retail activity.”

Denis Kuster, manager of 6 Dvélos stores and the Dvélos e-commerce website

“The biggest advantage in day-to-day use is the item data sheet: it gives us a comprehensive overview of the article, and one click is enough to bring up all the information on sales, stock, sizes, colours, past sales and customers, etc. This saves time and helps us ensure we make the right decisions. We have to manage a large number of items, but the simplicity of the goods receipt management process means I can check what has been delivered and make changes if necessary. The product search function is also very convenient and efficient: I can find any item quickly along with an overview of information about it. Ginkoia’s tools give me the visibility I need to optimise my point of sale.”

Jean François Delhomme, manager of a Courir store

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