Software for bike and sports equipment repair shops

Do you offer your customers a bike or ski repair service and need to schedule your technicians’ activities? Check out our bike and equipment repair software designed entirely for sports shops, and grow your business with online bookings!

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Keep your customers satisfied with your repair shop service

When a customer arrives at your repair shop, he or she has three questions: “How can you repair my bike (or skis), when can you do it for, and how much will it cost me?”

With Ginkoia’s repair shop software, you can provide an answer within minutes and be sure of the price and lead time you quote.

  • Easy-to-use repair shop scheduling software
  • Know your customers and their equipment
  • Keep records of past repairs
  • Give quotes for parts and labour, on clear repair notes
  • Communicate with your customers via email and text message
  • Get a visual overview of the status of all work
  • Manage prices as fixed charges or hourly rates
  • Track current shop workloads
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Orisha Ginkoia’s comprehensive, intuitive repair shop software

Use Orisha Ginkoia’s repair shop software to manage workloads at your ski or bike repair shop.

Equip your teams to focus on assessing the job in hand, advising your customers, and quoting an accurate price and lead time every time. As manager of a store or head of a brand, you are sure to boost your customer satisfaction.

With Orisha Ginkoia’s repair shop scheduling software, say goodbye to guesswork!

Quotes for parts and labour

Produce a complete repair note: work, parts, prices, etc.

Repair planning

Planning is made easy, in line with your technicians’ availability and the time required to complete each repair.

Communication with customers

Keep a record of the work you carry out for your customers and analyse the data you hold on them to promote your services more effectively!

Activity analytics

Track your repair shop’s performance (sales, repairs and efficiency of each technician) in the shop scheduling software

Digitise your repair service

Do your customers not always have time to call in at your store to book a bike repair? Are you looking to boost your repair shop turnover by enabling your customers to book repairs via your website? Optimise your technicians’ workload by offering slots online.

  • Simple and intuitive online booking
  • Bookings uploaded in real time to your workshop schedule software
  • Impossible to book a slot that is not available
  • A new channel to increase sales
  • A service that sets you apart, to keep your customers coming back

Use your repair shop to boost footfall to your store

Cycling is all the rage! With growing average basket sizes, increasingly sophisticated products, and cycling becoming ever more popular, a repair service is now a must for any bicycle store. And customer satisfaction is one of the keys to building loyalty.

  • Quote accurate prices
  • Commit yourself to realistic lead times
  • Manage your technicians’ schedules
  • Improve the quality of your customer data
  • Analyse in detail the contribution of your repair shop to your overall performance

Modules associated with the repair shop scheduling software

The repair shop scheduling software is compatible with all of Orisha Ginkoia’s sports store and brand management software modules. Read on and check out other modules that will boost your turnover, optimise your stock rotation and enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Procurement, stock and inventory management

Optimise stock rotation, manage outstanding deliveries, secure your inventory

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Sports equipment rental

Optimise the equipment utilisation rate, manage depreciation, prepare the next season

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Cash register software

Cash register software for sports retail, combining sales, rental, repair shop, consignment and B2B trade - compliant with finance legislation

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Loyalty scheme

Gain insight into your customers’ buying journey, consolidate your customer data, build loyalty.

Multi-store management

To say YES to your customers, manage your inventory and analyse your performance across multiple stores

Unified commerce

Manage your business with a unified in-store and online platform

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Centralised product repository

A centralised tool to manage your range and meet all the challenges of omnichannel sales.

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Supply chain & stock management

Automate and digitise your supply processes

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Sports brand and store managers share their experience with the bike and equipment repair shop software

“One function of the Ginkoia workshop schedule software that I use a lot is the customer management tool. I know what the customer purchased in-store, how many times they have been in, if their bike has been through the workshop, or if I have changed any parts. It’s very convenient.”

Alexis Lefebvre, Alex’trem store in La Roche sur Foron

“Ginkoia provides us with a reliable schedule management tool, which helps us be rigorous about finishing bike repairs in time for the arranged pick-up.”

F. Plotnikowa, Chairman of Bike center

"The repair shop module plays a key role in managing orders and ensuring a good quality of service for our customers; it keeps a record of the work and repair done on the bikes and helps us keep track of customer expectations."

Denis Kuster, manager of 6 Dvélos stores and the Dvélos e-commerce website

"In order to learn how to use all the features of this software, I took around ten hours of remote training. This remote installation was a very positive experience. I was very satisfied by how skilled the trainers were, and by how accessible they made the experience. They went down to my level, they took the time to explain things to me, to re-explain if necessary, and to answer all of my questions. I have only positive things to say about this training course."

M. Danguin, Mondovelo store

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