The French specialist in leading-edge sports retail and rental solutions

Based in Passy in Haute-Savoie, in the Alps of south-eastern France, Orisha Ginkoia has built a reputation as the leading French publisher of specialist sports goods distribution software. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of brands, networks of several stores, and independent retailers. Today we are proud to work with more than 1650 customers !

Retail culture is part of our DNA

Orisha Ginkoia’s solution is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience in sport. Our retail culture has been honed in partnership with the people who shape sports retail and the wider sports industry..

Our know-how is underpinned by our core values: innovation to support your strategies for sustainable, profitable growth, reliability to guarantee a positive experience for your customers, agility in responding to your needs, and, most importantly, proximity – in terms both of our business services and our customer focus.

Our teams reflect these values in their commitment to our customers and users, helping them conduct their business day by day and accelerate their growth.

Orisha Ginkoia prides itself on being responsive and proactive, and each year invests 30% of its turnover in upgrading its products to support transformation in the sports retail sector.

Orisha Ginkoia ispart of Orisha, a French group specialising in ERP systems for a variety of sectors including healthcare, insurance, retail, trading, real-estate and tourism. Orisha has a customer base of more than 20,000 companies ranging from SMEs to large enterprises.



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Meet our team !

At Orisha Ginkoia, 85 men and women strive every day to meet a shared objective: offer you the best possible service. Some of our team members are former retailers or used to work for brands, and all of them have solid expertise in their field giving them an in-depth understanding of the issues you face and enabling them to offer you solutions tailored to your needs.

Building a retail culture together

Orisha Ginkoia has been providing services to retailers for more than 30 years. Our company has supported most of France’s sports brands with their strategies for developing a distribution network, as well as hundreds of independent retailers specialising in cycling, running, skiing or sportswear. We have been developing our solutions hand-in-hand with our users since 1989. A pure product of the sports industry, Ginkoia is the only store management software that meets all the operational needs of distribution networks specialising in fields such as outdoor gear, sportswear, running, skiing and cycling.


Algol company founded in Chamonix in Haute-Savoie (SE France)

with Michel Poletti. Three business solutions for local customers.

Back then, Algol developed management software for record shops (the Saxo software) and ski rental businesses in the Chamonix valley under the Husky (sales management) and Pulka (rental management) names.

“In the early 2000s, we began rewriting Husky and Pulka in order to provide a solution for retailers who needed to manage several sales outlets, and hence to consolidate their activities and share data. That’s how the Ginkoia software came into being.” Michel Poletti.

Algol became Ginkoia in 1999.

Equipe Algol

Ginkoia supported the development of Sport 2000, Twinner and then Skimium.

In 2003, Jean-Baptiste Rodellar and Gérard Guillemot took over the company and stepped up its growth.

Along with the entire workforce, they rolled out Ginkoia software systems across the networks of Sport 2000 (now covering the Sport 2000, Sport 2000 Montagne, Mondovélo, Espace Montagne, S2, Was, and Prosport brands) followed by Twinner and Skimium.

“To launch Ginkoia and increase the brand’s visibility on its market, we decided to give the company the same name as the software it was publishing: Ginkoia,” explains Jean-Baptiste Rodellar.

“To keep pace with our growth, we strengthened the sales team and reorganised the R&D team, placing a focus on the reliability of our deliverables. We worked in close collaboration with our customers in order to expand our functional scope. This close working partnership led us to develop features that weren’t offered by any other companies on the market and were specific to the sports distribution industry, such as managing a repair shop or an equipment rental business. Then we offered a means of sharing data between a network head and the rest of the network, for consolidated management purposes.”

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Ginkoia joined the DL Software Group

A group of ERP software houses, each a leader in a specific market, giving it new resources to drive its growth even further.

DL Software is France’s leading specialist in business ERP.

Drawing on a unique approach to software, the group’s member companies specifically address more than 30 different lines of business. It is up to tech players to adapt their solutions to today’s uses and the transformations of tomorrow, and not the other way round !


The company signed a cooperation agreement with Intersport France.

This made Ginkoia France’s leading developer of store management software for sports distribution, in both mountain and lowland areas.

With this new customer, all the distribution networks of Intersport, Blackstore, TAF, Sport Leader, and Shooz migrated to Ginkoia’s store management software.

Ginkoia then began developing the concepts of integration with the brand’s existing information system in order to create an uninterrupted digital chain and a connected ecosystem between the brand and the network.

“In that period we worked on structuring our customer service, making it available daily with a fast response time (the call pick-up rate of Ginkoia’s customer service is nearly 90%) and qualified staff members capable of addressing callers’ issues immediately. The R&D team was also given a significant boost (taking it to about half of the workforce), giving us the capability to release product innovations each year.” Thierry Briet, Managing Director of Ginkoia – DL Software Group.


GoSport & Courir chose to equip their networks with Ginkoia software.

With an increasingly integrated model, Ginkoia continued developing new services.

These aimed to create a seamless customer experience within the network while enhancing operational efficiency for users in stores.

Product range and customer satisfaction became the key areas of focus.

It was then that Ginkoia moved towards features specific to the commission-based affiliate model.

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Go Sport

New mobile solutions for sports retail

Ginkoia launched its tablet-based solutions for sales assistants and mobile ski technicians. A pilot mobile payment system was rolled out.

In the ski rental field, mobile solutions offer a high degree of flexibility enabling businesses to adapt their customer journeys and handle peak periods more efficiently.

In sales, sales assistants spend as much time as possible on the shop floor focusing on their customers. They have a 360-degree view of the range available to their customers.

In 2017 Ginkoia launched its “out-of-store” rental service, offering a digitised VIP delivery service to chalets or hotels or kerbside pick-up.

Mobilité article

Chullanka started trading with Ginkoia as its omnichannel brand solution.

Ginkoia fine-tuned its unified commerce platform features.

This year has also seen the roll-out, across its user base, of the major new version of its cash register software, featuring a completely redesigned user interface that is easy and intuitive to use.

Ginkoia is thus working on the payment phase from two angles: mobile apps in-store to cover the entire relationship between customer and sales assistant, and traditional checkouts for simplified use and shorter waiting times for customers.

Today more than 1600 stores across France take payments from their customers every day using Ginkoia software solutions, including more than 400 in mountain resorts and more than 300 independent stores.


Ginkoia becomes Orisha | Ginkoia

This evolution of our brand follows a complete rebranding of DL Software which, to mark the group's 20th anniversary, becomes Orisha.

The new identity supports Orisha’s ambition to become one of Europe’s leading B2B software companies, with a target of €500 million in sales by 2028 (more than €200 million in 2023).

A new name in line with the Group’s objective to accelerate its international expansion, particularly in Europe.

A new brand designed to join talents around a common banner.

A signature “Lighting up the way” that symbolizes our role as a pathfinder, a leader to continue guiding our customers towards success.

The Orisha Group