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As a brand you are keen to provide your network with services that will boost operational efficiency. Automating processes is a growth driver for two reasons: saving time for in-store teams, and offering your customers distinctive services. This requires a common range.

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Automate processes with a product repository

The product repository centralises all the information relating to your network’s product range.

It is fed by your buyers at each stage of the product life cycle. It provides qualified, unified, standardised information. Your challenge is to offer your network a supply chain with no breaks in the digital chain.

Going beyond the concept of operational efficiency alone, you have all the tools you need to generate a positive product experience.

  • Automate data entry tasks
  • Consolidate consistent, complete, qualified data
  • Set up automatic restocking
  • Compare activity in different departments, stores, regions, etc.
  • Improve supplier relations
  • Bring consistency to your brand image.
référentiel produit

The benefits of the integrated model for franchise networks

A common product repository is a cornerstone for the development and growth of a network. It is needed in order to build a coherent range within your network, in keeping with the brand’s positioning. Ginkoia’s repository is based on the principles of integrated retail while offering the benefit of organised retail: a flexible in-store range.

It is an essential management tool, as it consolidates consistent data allowing you to perform detailed analytics and make well-informed decisions.

A product repository is also something you must have in order to consolidate your sales processes and handle all your customer journeys (click & collect, ship from store, store to web, etc.).

Get products on the shelves more quickly

The product repository automates the creation and updating of product records, enabling you to get your stock on the shelves more quickly.

Profitable product ranges

Consistent data provide the basis for performing accurate performance analytics, to build profitable product ranges.

Reduce errors

This is the primary objective of a centralised product repository. Avoid duplicates and data entry errors, which could end up on one of your sales channels.

Consistent data

A standardised inventory list, automated processes and a common base containing complete, reliable product records.

Rise to the challenges of omnichannel retail

To meet your customers’ increasing demands and offer them a positive buying experience, the key is to personalise your relationship with them. A well-built repository enables you to share up-to-date product information across your network, and go the extra mile to meet your customers’ expectations.

The product repository is the foundation for any strategy aiming to consolidate a network by pursuing shared ambitions. It is a means of rolling out a common pricing and promotions policy to build a bond between your customers and your brand. Product data enrichment is a key success factor. High-quality, complete information contributes to a positive customer experience and promotes loyalty.

The product repository also offers a framework for structuring your product knowledge in a consistent manner and drawing on it to implement an omnichannel retail strategy.

At the heart of the supply chain

The product repository centralises all the product knowledge across your distribution network, helping you boost your profitability by generating a positive product experience and improving your teams’ productivity.

Open yet structured in order to provide standardised, qualified information, it is a key component of your distribution network’s IT ecosystem and enhances the quality of your digitised supply chain.

It simplifies the work of the various specialists within the brand and network, such as buyers, IT experts, analysts, logisticians, and marketing teams.

Modules associated with the brand product repository

The product repository module is compatible with all of Ginkoia’s sports store and brand management software modules. Read on and check out other modules that will boost your turnover, optimise your stock rotation and enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers.

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Multi-store management

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Unified commerce

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Decision analysis and statistics

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Sports brand and store managers share their experience with the workshop scheduling software

The product search function is also very convenient and efficient: I can find any item quickly along with an overview of information about it. Ginkoia’s tools give me the visibility I need to optimise my point of sale.

Jean François Delhomme, manager of a Courir store

"Ginkoia is my everyday tool. It grants me a clear, real-time vision of the stocks across my shops, and it's a relevant and reliable source of information.

Julien Flammier, manager of 2 Intersport stores, 1 Terre de Montagne store and 2 independent stores

"The Mobility app allows us to check immediately whether the size requested by the customer is available or not, and if not to suggest them another product."

Pierre Lachaume, manager of 5 Sport 2000 stores

"Ginkoia’s valuable expertise in our profession has been essential to our growth, because our business must be quantified with numbers and not just feelings."

Philippe Gozzi, manager of 4 Sport 2000 stores

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