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Manage and optimise bike shop profitability with a comprehensive, intuitive software solution such as Ginkoia. Our in-depth knowledge of your business challenges underpins the quality of our bike store software solutions, which have been amply tested and approved by our customers.

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Boost the profits of your bike store

Electric bikes are stimulating growth in the bike retail sector on a scale never seen before, as is the development of non-motorised transport in towns and cities.

This growth is set to last, as consumers seek to adopt lifestyles that are more environmentally friendly, include more physical activity and bring them closer to nature.

To continue growing, distribution networks and independent retailers alike need solutions for day-to-day business management (inventory, customer relations, payment, etc.), but also tools for tracking and analysing their business performance. Equipment repairs and rentals are complementary services that generate new business but require precise and accurate tracking in order to keep these new customers satisfied and build their loyalty. In addition to sales, the profitability of a bike store also hinges on services that will spark customers’ interest.

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Ginkoia, the software that drives bike store profitability

Your business is highly seasonal, with activity levels fluctuating widely between high season and low season.

Analysing your sales and pacing your goods receipts are essential. In the bike trade, inventory is expensive to acquire and takes up a lot of space. To attract customers and build loyalty, you need to:

  • Analyse your sales and your repair shop performance
  • Have a 360-degree customer view
  • Optimise your inventory and goods receipts
  • Offer a digitised repair service
  • And, in some cases, develop other services such as rental or consignment

Having the right inventory

At the right time. To keep track of seasonal activity variations, accurate analysis is the key.

An efficient workshop

Offer a quality service with accurate, fair quotes and repairs completed on time.

Customer knowledge

Build a comprehensive view of your customers and their bikes, and communicate with them.

Monitor performance

Analyse your business performance (turnover and margins) - including that of your workshop technicians.

Features tailored to the bike trade

Orisha Ginkoia's solutions are geared to the requirements of bike stores and brands. Read on and check out the features available to boost your turnover, manage your inventory and improve the relationship between your brand or business and your customers.

Procurement, stock and inventory management

Optimise stock rotation, manage outstanding deliveries, secure your inventory

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Bike or ski repair shop

Manage shop schedules and quotes, attract and retain new business

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Cash register software

Cash register software for sports retail, combining sales, rental, repair shop, consignment and B2B trade - compliant with finance legislation

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Loyalty scheme

Gain insight into your customers’ buying journey, consolidate your customer data, build loyalty.

Decision analysis and statistics

Tools to support operational and strategic decision-making, real-time data, simple & visual

Mobile POS system

Increase average basket size and boost your conversion rate

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Bike or ski repair shop

Manage shop schedules and quotes, attract and retain new business

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Multi-store management

To say YES to your customers, manage your inventory and analyse your performance across multiple stores

Bike store and repair shop software

As a manager of one or several bike stores, you have to be a true Swiss army knife.

Juggling between operational aspects, management, and relations with your suppliers. As an independent trader, you are even on the ground handling sales and repairs.

To attract customers and build loyalty, you need to:

  • Get procurement right, and anticipate goods receipts
  • Track your sales and inventory
  • Have a complete, accurate customer file / database
  • Communicate with your customers
  • Draw up accurate, fair quotes for repairs
  • Track your business performance

Develop your bike brand

Whether your bike stores are franchised or integrated, a specialist business solution is essential to keep them turning a profit.

It will be an asset for building an in-store range tailored to your customers’ needs, and for proposing revenue-generating services such as repairs, rentals and consignment. Services like these are key means of standing out from the competition as well as a long-term means of attracting new customers and building their loyalty.

  • Centralised product repository for the network
  • Feedback on sales and inventory
  • Simplified exchanges with suppliers
  • Store teams focused on customers and sales
  • Customer knowledge and loyalty
  • Solutions that are simple to use in-store

“Ginkoia provides us with a reliable schedule management tool, which helps us be rigorous about finishing bike repairs in time for the arranged pick-up.”

F. Plotnikowa, Chairman of Bike center


“One function of the Ginkoia workshop schedule software that I use a lot is the customer management tool. I know what the customer purchased in-store, how many times they have been in, if their bike has been through the workshop, or if I have changed any parts. It’s very convenient.”

Alexis Lefebvre, Alex’trem store in La Roche sur Foron


"We were also impressed by the quality of the training delivered by Ginkoia consultants. The person who assisted us was perfectly qualified to support us during this key transition, answered all of our questions, helped us transpose our working practices into the Ginkoia solution, and made themselves available whenever we needed them."

Patrick Ellena, 1 Sport 2000 store


"The repair shop module plays a key role in managing orders and ensuring a good quality of service for our customers; it keeps a record of the work and repair done on the bikes and helps us keep track of customer expectations."

Denis Kuster, manager of 6 Dvélos stores and the Dvélos e-commerce website

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