We are looking for passionate people to carry our projects to success

Welcome to Orisha Ginkoia! Upon your arrival, each and every one of us will greet you with those words. Joining our team is joining a team of passionate people, that help retail sport in its transformation every day from the foot of Mont Blanc.

Our philosophy

Here at Orisha Ginkoia, we help sport retailers provide the best possible experience to the consumer we all are. Sport retail is in the middle of a revolution, and we are proud to be contributing to it. This challenge is exiting, and we are looking for talented people to meet the demand for innovation, creativity, and also simplicity of our users, for the success of their business.

Business proximity

Our teams have a business culture. The goals and challenges of shops are known and shared by all employees of Ginkoia.

Agility and dynamism

Retail is evolving and sport has experienced a continuous growth for the last 10 years. We support our customers every day to ensure the future of their business.


The human bond that we share with our client is essential to us. Here, customers are not called by their client number but by their name.

Working here at Orisha Ginkoia

After a two-day-long integration program to discover our different services and meet your future colleagues, you will follow a training course to our products and services.

You will be guided on a daily basis by a manager ready to help you, and challenges will be provided to you, leading to the contribution of your expertise to the evolution of our products and services. You will participate in strategic projects for our clients, and the purpose and sense of your mission at their service will be a clear one, in an environment in which anyone can feel free to share and defend their ideas.

To sum it up, you will be greeted by a very warm working environment in a breathtaking natural setting, right at the foot of Mont Blanc!


Solidarity between co-workers is a key element of success. You will be working in a welcoming atmosphere.


You will work on strategic projects for our customers that will have an impact on your daily consumer life.


Listening to ideas and needs is essential to work better. Speaking is essential to collaborate. We make sure to promote initiatives.


Combining professional challenges and quality of life is one of our objectives. Our team will be delighted to include you in their sporting, cultural or friendly activities.

Discover our job opportunities

Index Egapro Ginkoia

Egrapro Index

2 out of 4 indicators of this index design to measure and correct wage discriminations between men and women cannot be calculated in 2021, so the Egrapro Index for last year is not available.

Orisha Ginkoia’s results in 2022 were 86 points out of 100.

Orisha Ginkoia employed 23 women and 54 men in its team as of 31 December 2022. 30% women in an IT company can be said to be an achievement to be proud of, let us be honest.

Here at Orisha Ginkoia, we do not believe in a clean cut between professional and personal life, but instead consider each and every one of our colleagues as a person with a specific background, individual talents and personal life choices. And those are not empty words!

“What I like here at Ginkoia is the autonomy and the trust in our work. We are able to take initiatives and advance our projects as we see fit.

Alix Desvages – Quality technician

Contacter Ginkoia

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