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Sports & outdoor equipment specialist

The synergy in the services provided by physical and online stores has been amply demonstrated.

But harnessing this synergy across networks combining integrated and franchised outlets is still a major challenge.

And yet, digital transformation is now the key driver of growth for sports retail networks and brands in France and across Europe. The task is immense, from pooling inventory to rolling out efficient (and high-quality) operational services to your distribution network.

And what about independent retailers ? They also need to make their products and services more accessible by implementing a unified commerce platform that is easy to grasp and intuitive to use.

Bike sales specialist

Electric bikes are stimulating growth in the bike retail sector on a scale never seen before.

As is the development of non-motorised transport in towns and cities.

This growth is set to last, as consumers seek to adopt lifestyles that are more environmentally friendly, include more physical activity and bring them closer to nature.

To continue growing, distribution networks and independent retailers alike need solutions for day-to-day business management (inventory, customer relations, payment, etc.), but also tools for tracking and analysing their business performance. Equipment repairs and rentals are complementary services that generate new business but require precise and accurate tracking in order to keep these new customers satisfied and build their loyalty.

Ski rental specialist

Most of today’s skiers are e-consumers, and book their equipment online before their holiday.

They want to spend as little time as possible in-store. But they are also looking for more services and advice.

The customers lining up at stores in mountain resorts have increasingly diverse needs.

From the VIP requiring delivery at their hotel to the customer expecting to be served in-store at the time they specified online, not forgetting the one who pre-booked equipment just now via a terminal or smartphone, there are many different journeys through a ski rental shop. This can be a real headache for any retailer.

Bike and water sports equipment rental specialist

From electric bikes making the mountains more accessible for everyone to the growth in family leisure activities by the seaside,

bike rental is becoming increasingly structured not just in tourist areas but also in towns and cities, spurred by the development of non-motorised transport.

E-consumers of leisure activities book in-store or online, for a time slot of a few hours. Contrary to ski rental, in the case of bike rental precise inventory tracking is vital in order to guarantee that customers’ chosen products are available. An additional challenge is posed by the booking schedule, which must be accessible online and shared with the entire team in-store.

Orisha | Ginkoia, France’s leading store management solution for the sports retail sector.

Whether you manage a single store or several sales outlets or are head of a brand, Orisha Ginkoia will help you achieve your growth targets. Our “plug and sell” software solutions are quick to install and easy to grasp with support from our team of consultant trainers. Ginkoia’s open-ended, modular retail solution will adapt and develop with your business, helping it grow.

Cash register software

Cash register software for sports retail, combining sales, rental, repair shop, consignment and B2B trade - compliant with finance legislation

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Procurement, stock and inventory management

Optimise stock rotation, manage outstanding deliveries, secure your inventory

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Mobile POS system

Increase average basket size and boost your conversion rate

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Sports equipment rental

Optimise the equipment utilisation rate, manage depreciation, prepare the next season

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Skiman & mobile technician

Reduce customers’ in-store waiting times, adapt the customer journey, give advice

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Unified commerce

Manage your business with a unified in-store and online platform

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Bike or ski repair shop

Manage shop schedules and quotes, attract and retain new business

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Consignment & second hand

Manage a three-way commercial relationship and track all of your operations.

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Centralised product repository

A centralised tool to manage your range and meet all the challenges of omnichannel sales.

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Supply chain & stock management

Automate and digitise your supply processes

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"Our group has around ten stores, so we often need to transfer stock from one point of sale to another. This can be complex, because our group is composed of several legal entities and because we need to calculate the average prices of products for each entity. We can now do this using the Ginkoia tool.

Y. Morat, director of the Frasteya group


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